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When we think of the Cosmic Mother energy we familiarize Mother Earth to create powerful emotions of “oneness”. There are different levels of “Divine Connections”. When we received the first Portal Key August 8th we entered a new domain of “total awareness” of our environment. We realized just how connected we are as “vibrations” to every planet, asteroid, and star system because we remember “past lives” and follow intuitive urges. Now be balanced about acting on high levels of intuition by checking it with “reality” and what you can realistically do to turn things around – financially, creatively, emotionally, and “psychically”.

Divine Connection empowers and strengthens “psychic powers”. The thing is up til now we didn’t have as much public access to spiritual answers about metaphysics. Now with the new GOLDEN AGE of awareness, technology, and education – we do! There more astrology, numerology, and natural healing systems available than ever to re-route you back on to the “right track” at a fast track pace of success.

If you work in any creative job or profession you know we all have “dry spells” but what if you could stop all that from ever happening? Faith is renewed! As with all things there is a PROCESS to greatness. It’s time to get to know the process and personalize it with astrology to fit your personal, financial, and professional goals. BTW stocks for NEW industries like medicinal cannabis, health, metaphysics, and psychic talents will be HOT!!!!!! So be sure to promote how you can “satisfy”!!!!

It’s your turn to know what to look for, when, and how to “work it” – do yo thang and TWERK it! Stop worrying about what others think of you! All that matters is what you think of “you”, right and what God thinks about you, right?

Get motivated to make moves using accurate intuition to attract whatever and who ever you want WHEN you WANT! We can command energy with psychic awareness. The more you practice using gifts the more natural confidence you build within to remove “blockages”, emotionally. You have to hustle self-confidence and share the swag appeal of why others want to know you, work with you, and follow every move you make. Venus in Leo does all of this!

Expert Astrologists know “metaphysics” adds things up to sum one answer, conclusion, or act of total energy to empower you! Now think of Venus, who she is and what she represents in psychology and self-image. Venus is the goddess of love, attraction, power of attraction, luxury, abundance, sex, and amazing gifts of charm, grace, and heavenly appeal to one’s sensitivities. If you are in business or any marketing/sales – one GOLDEN RULE – “SEX SELLS everything”. But keep it tasteful, alluring, and mysterious when placing “products” and using the “arts”. You are seducing, tempting, and enticing. Just make sure you can back it up, because people will call your bluff when Venus is in Leo – FAST. No one likes empty promises so make bankable statements.

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You know a person who oozes sex and they are like “catnip” to you? Yes? No? Okay is there an interest, hobby, or habit you have that makes you “deliriously happy”? The more you want it the greater the anticipation for it? Meet Venus and the Venus effect of getting whatever you want! Now remember what Peter’s Uncle told him in “Spider Man” – “With great power comes greater responsibility”. So be wise with these new and amazing talents of knowledge. Knowledge is power and when unbalanced can give one “delusions of grandeur” that seem more obnoxious than attractive. Learn how to sway the sexy and do “just enough” to entice new customers, a new beau, or that special job promotion.

You have to make the “hard and technical” look easy and this means getting familiar with your powers of persuasion. Use reputable professionals and enroll in workshops with proven results! You want to be better and more appealing to attract fame, notice, and “love”. Love powers “all” and conquers “all”. So practice more tolerance in relationships. Be generous to those in need. Provide care to those who can’t care for themselves.

When you use the positive attributes of Venus in Leo nothing is “impossible”! These sacred gifts come just in time to channel powerful energies to beautify Mother Earth. So be sure to volunteer, fundraise, and raise awareness for worthy campaigns. Recycling is more than just the right thing to do it’s what keeps us re-powered so don’t waste energy, time, money, or space on un-worthwhile activities.

You’ll have amazing powers of reason to get others to think and feel as you do with telepathy. So meditation on a daily basis is required to move “mountains” and mountain-like personalities. Work on your appearance. Change or re-color your hair to fit the person you feel like being “most” of the time. Remember we are living through “multidimensional awareness” so you’ll get to know more faces of self and things you didn’t know about personal strength.

We all react differently in tight situations. In fact that’s when natural leaders “shine” most. So if you have natural leadership skills but have been shy about certain kinds of jobs, chuck it out the window and APPLY. Let desires be known so wishes can be fulfilled.

Get familiar with “drawing the lunar moon” to channel lunar energy as #Menekinesis. Or, you can consult a Wiccan to perform rites for you during this Full Moon in Aquarius or upcoming New Moon in Virgo.

Get familiar with the list of metaphysical abilities that were prescribed as mental disorders like Bipolarity, Schizophrenia, and ADD. You have super powers you haven’t tapped so it’s really important to devote time towards a “transit report” or Solar Return Astrology report. You need to know when to expect Good Luck so you can make the best moves in career, love, or moving towards a new lifestyle! Venus brings BIG transformations when in Leo because it is preparing you for the Red Carpet Moments of Life. Get started with yours and remove emotional blockages that create “Stop, Starts”.



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