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Earth gets its 1st cosmic awareness of “Divine Connection and Divine Intervention” when heavenly events set “life” in re-motion!  It’s all about “oneness”.  Mercury is the planet of “communications” and Sun represents “allness” of the esoteric.  So put them together it spells “Every body wants to know and talk to you!”  Be sure to promote businesses, services, and run special year-end sales to attract more customers for this aspect.

We have all been living a “dream” and feeling like we’ve been living in one we can’t escape from until about 3 days before and immediately after August 8th.  So if you are born within 11 – 20 degrees in Leo or have any planets or asteroid placements you can expect to feel this aspect most!  It is a cosmic “airing” and balancing of the “old” to invite the “new”.  So if you were having a time in completing a major project, lifetime goal, or getting funding on some huge creative idea this aspect BLESSES you abundantly!

Do you hope to move to a new and better place to live?  Have you been waiting on the proverbial “Knight in White Armor” to sweep you off your feet?  Has a long lost love been crossing your mind?  Have they been distant or non-responsive?  If so you’ll hear from them!  For others new love rolls in and life can’t be sweeter at least not for the moment.  You’ll be doing just that enjoying life in series of “moments”. 

You’ll have amazing talent with words, numbers, and convincing others of your radical ideas if you present the facts in an entertaining fashion?  Feng Shui makes a huge imprint in our lives by helping us learn how to color coordinate “oneness” into daily wardrobe, corporate business, and personal analysis.  It’s time to get in the swing of being and feeling at our personal best in life!  If you’ve been wondering what to do as a new career the door is wide open for spiritually-based careers in Tarot, Astrology expertise, Life Coaching, Youth Counseling, Reiki, Iridology, Metaphysics, Metaphysicians, and if you are artistic you’ll be going pro and entering “the big time”!

What if you could have endless Good Luck all the time?  You say, “are you kidding”?  It’s true it is possible and wealthy people do it every day of their lives to stay in power.  What is the secret?  Astrology and Numerology check-ups to re-align you with universe – oneness makes everything possible.  All it requires is paying close attention to your astrology and numerology reports and applying the “positive” traits of those planet, house, zodiac, and degree placements.

August 8th the Sun and Mercury conjoin exact to form Superior Mercury in the creative genius of Leo and the 5th House of Children, Fun, Pleasure, Entertainment, and yes – Creative Genius!

All it takes to be succe$$ful is being “clever”, hungry like a Lion, and Cat Walk sexy when it comes to “re-inventing” things!

You’ll feel like intuitively driven to turn hardships around. You’ll have a sense of “inner knowing” that gives you the patience to wait on favorable outcomes. The one drawback will be in health if you aren’t hydrating enough or eating more green vegetables there could be severe “drains” of energy. But we’ll show you how to get around that, too. Just keep reading and feeding your mind with euphoria of “soul food literature” you do know what that is, right?

If you’ve ever eaten soul food especially after getting the “munchies” you know what the name implies and how good it feels to the body to read “good news” that feels personalized. We are moving to a new form of communicating. Telepathy has been tinkered with for some time but thanks to this Superior Mercury love vibes will be stronger and it will be easy to think of “messages” only to find out your sweetie “intuitively heard you”.

We are just tapping the iceberg on this one! If you are gifted in metaphysics with telepathic powers and able to consciously use such gifts you could teach others how to harness this power to maneuver events via “powers of suggestion”.

If you are a writer you can channel this gift in writing what the world needs to know more about. For those interested in journalism gifts in metaphysical writing drives up the value of your work, word for word and letter for letter! Blogging has become a huge boon of new wealth for writers, motivational speakers, and any one working in public relations or social media. You’ll hit the motherlode just from being in the “right place” at the “right time”. Make sure you blog, publish, and receive “credit” for your work so the world gets to know you.

So to recap:


Everything is “energy”. If you want to look a certain way you get some tips that fast track weight loss success! The trick is to learn, study, and master your personal metabolism. It is key to watch sodium intakes and hydrate with high quality pH water. Create a journal for “Weight Loss”. Enter feelings, dates, and talk about what you are doing in “steps” to achieve results. Now do this for (7) days and then go to a health food store. When they look at your habits they’ll know right away what to recommend to take off unwanted pounds, detoxify, and reset the body to feel at its personal best! You could ask about going vegan or starting an “alkaline” power food system, which drives metabolism through the roof! You’ll feel like harnessing a car to your waist and moving proverbial mountains! Higher energy output means greater power to attract what you and “who” you want. Telepathic abilities increase dramatically! So be sure to enroll in a workshop to train abilities and learn the “benefits” of making things happen just from thinking about “desired outcomes”. Did you know how many celebrities suffer through mental wellness issues? You’d never know it because many of them apply metaphysical treatments and therapies to achieve personal balance. You can do the same and better using an astrology profile analysis to strengthen “triggers” for imbalance. When you work at the issue daily there is less likely occurrences of build up and side effects. Indulge in the new “mindfulness meditations” to calm the mind to “just be”.


Single? Have you been working on loving self? If you have you can expect to be well sought after and heavily chased by more “spiritually” suitable mate potentials. There will be an electric meeting of the minds and you could cross paths at the oddest junkets, events, or daily surprise outings like going to the “bookstore”. It won’t matter how or where you hide Cupid’s arrows are squarely “aimed”. You’ll find a person who really excites you and always seems to know the right thing to say. They’ll look deeply into those eyes when you speak and you’ll have a powerful emotion of “joy” in their presence. This could be the start of a beautiful romance and dare we say a soul or karmic soul connection? It could also be a divinely intervened Twin Flame love connection. Now that’s the jackpot of all types of relationships! You get the bounty, beauty, and “booty” of someone who rings those bells! Now how about those spicy meatballs? So make sure you take friends up on social invitations and learn a few sweet dance moves you can use to impress, tease, and lure the perfect “bait” with. Their eyes will be all on you and “you” alone! Take up some exotic dancing classes and practice, practice, practice dancing with “the one”! It comes to pass!
Couples it’s time to put more action in your love life and try sports activities like hiking, camping, rock climbing (in/outdoors), water sports, swimming, long distance jogs, sweet and sensual walks in the forest or around garden-type settings. Star-gaze one day a night and take the smart phone to watch a movie underneath the blanket. Be sure to work on self and chat regularly about your day. Make it a point to talk about “anything and everything” to strengthen intimacy. You’ll get to really know your mate and it can make you a great “team”! Make special arrangements when it comes to finances and shift responsibilities monthly or every other month so neither feels like the “one” who is always the responsible one. Try Love Telepathy therapy and return your relationship by finding out its strengths and weaknesses to work on via astrology and numerology compatibility reports. Anything can be enhanced with astrology and assessed to precision with numerology. Expert Love Tarot is perfect for knowing what your mate is thinking because it gives a subconscious view of what they are feeling on any “subject”. Feng-Shui the bedroom and personal bathrooms to drive up passion energies! Rowr! Hubba, Hubba! All you have to do is “spice” up the quality of life.


If you work in any literary profession or anything related to “mass communications” you hit major payola from advertising revenue streams. Write for other businesses. Come up with slamming slogans as a Copy Writer or start a firm of your own. All it takes is the “right” client to go global to put your name and brand name on the map of being “exclusively” great. Want to work in fitness? You’ll have amazing opportunities to develop master workouts for cross training others. Something you do all the time to spice up workout sessions could become the world’s next “big movement” for self-improvement as a “franchise”. Think Billy Blanks big! Stop taking “no” and only hear “Yes” with positive thinking techniques you can do as daily “meditations”.
Want to move up the ladder fast? Use new genius to write “masterpieces” for the job as proposals and plans. It’s really important to know the creative process and protocol of rising up the ranks in one’s profession. This is where you can create amazing trade secrets, formulas, and techniques that cause work to be more fun and productive. It shows class and process of care. It also shows you are passionate about what you do and can offer your employer as “value”.
Learn ways to establish job security in a career you absolutely LOVE! Specialize things so when others see it or read it they automatically know “who” did it. Isn’t that what made Michelangelo famous? It can mean being a little temperamental at times so check the “Health” section for tips on feeling good. It’s a proven fact when you feel great you work at a concentrated “high level” of productivity! So get out of the “clouds” and get into the business of “being a better you”.


So you’re sitting at home it’s the end of the day and you are about to go exercise and the phone rings. There is no answer on the other end. You hang up. It rings, you answer. Again – no answer is heard, so you ignore it and re-focus. When you return, settle in, and lay in the bed – the phone rings, you look over at the “time”. It’s late. It’s “the one”! Sit up and get yourself together. Finally! You are reunited with the one person who forever “lights your flame”! Life is sweet so take it slow and enjoy the “moments” by getting together ASAP! For others there is news of pregnancy and unexpected pregnancies if you aren’t using the proper “contraceptives”. Life happens! Some develop personal hobbies or crafts into businesses that hit the ground running! People love homemade articles and nick-knacks. They also love home-cooked wellness foods that taste like Momma used to make. Go into business with friends to open a wellness restaurant. You’ll find the perfect spot while out and about! Be sure to use a checklist for “duties” and consult an astrologist for favorable dates of operations. You want to use “oneness” of universe to bless the establishment and create good lasting vibrations that always attract customers. Be your own Chef Ramsey by applying the same techniques of “metaphysics”.

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