So here it is Uranus rules the “freakish, surprise, and eleventh hour” elements of life and this could leave many “unaware” if you don’t know where to look for the right answers. Glad you came here to read and get “in the know”. It takes courage to remove stigma of astrology being taboo. Because it isn’t taboo it’s how we make sense of “life”. It adds meaning, value, definition, and re-definition because “knowledge” comes in layers. Just like we plan to build skyscraper you plan to build BIG ideas that scrape the sky of “creative thought”.

How many of you are fast thinkers when it comes to life emergencies? Mothers have to be and Fathers who are raising children must be fast on the draw to protect the welfare and well being of children. They are “us”. Life when seen from a family perspective of “thinking” comes into the same picture of reason and reasonability. If you want to protect an investment don’t you do the research to look out for clues, omens, or signs that alert you to future events? We all want to feel secure and also want to expand into greater passions as indicated by Jupiter’s move from Cancer to Leo. Cancer, Leo, and Virgo all govern the “metaphysical” development of the soul through spiritual analysis. We have to use spiritual measures to see through the proverbial “looking glass”. But if the glass is empty, dirty, or broken it’s really hard to see anything clearly, isn’t it?

That brings us to this unusual aspect transiting August 24th when the planet of “the unexpected” cues the asteroid of “healing”. What doesn’t kill only makes us “stronger”. How about looking for more methods to “live life to the fullest” instead of preparing for the worst? We change outcomes by changing attitude, perspective, and overall being. When you change from within you alter “vibrations’ and this changes what you attract as “the unexpected”. Faith moves mountains and hard work always get rewarded.

Our healthcare system has been radically changed to suit the needs of modern issues in mental wellness, extreme poverty, and getting better adjusted psychologically for those who are “spiritually awakened” and “gifted” but unaware of how to balance such powers. We knew this day would come but the best news is just 1 day after the 24th comes the highly anticipated New Moon in Virgo, the Virgin. We charter new frontiers in knowledge, knowing, and gnosis. We are also going through a time when we will break free from “personal prisons of tradition, religion, and philosophy” to really what is going on in the world.

We realize the only way to heal emotional wounds is by addressing and re-dressing them with fresh “process of care”. Cancer has been proven to be healable. Obesity has been proven to be healable. High Blood Pressure has been proven to be treatable and removable. How? By eating better, drinking better quality of water, and getting fresh air and exercise in nature. Nature heals and being “natural” heals away anything. We have to approach life from an “elemental” thought process by analyzing what “caused” an illness or infirmity and working backwards to treat it on a daily basis with good habits. When you keep a house clean daily do you have build up issues? Rarely. The body is a “house” and so is the “soul”.


img_7In astrology Tarot is used to answer specific questions for specific events you are subconsciously thinking about.  It also helps in reading the intentions of others and again this is the subconscious.  We get to see what we are cooking up and others are cooking up
for us?  Now we look at how each Tarot is “keyed” to planet, star, zodiac, house, and degree.

This is why astrology must be specialized to reach “artistic levels” of value, meaning, and power to the client you are reading for.  Or, if you are the client what the astrologist can offer you as expert care of what concerns you.  They can look at the cards and readily identify intuitively the “origin”, “cause”, and “cure” of any ailment to reveal what is “lacking or missing” to make the picture perfect for you.  It is time to moderate the perfect conclusion towards a happier fresh start of something else “entirely”.  You must create the perfect 12-step program to “heal” into wellness.

img_8Uranus is keyed to “The Fool” as the systems of outcomes, fresh starts, and new beginnings.
Chiron’s key is being debated but for now we will give it a different key esoterically. We’ll focus mostly on Uranus, which is retrograding Aries, ruler of the 1st House of (whole) Self, the zodiac of “new beginnings, entrepreneurship, passionate love, and physical fitness”. Pisces is keyed to “The Moon” – the subconscious.

The Moon represents our “deepest emotions” as feelings that trigger “the unexpected”.  It’s that moment when you blow over like a teakettle and really let people know what you are feeling or thinking emotionally – the good, bad, and the beautiful.

Aries also gives amazing abilities to figure things out using intuitive powers and lots of common sense from old soul thinking.  Aries, like Scorpios are “old souls” who have been reincarnated with fresh starts and new karma.  This is what to expect to happen from radical events.  The blessing of Aries comes from using “positive thinking” and being fast with solutions others didn’t even think of before.  So you’ll need to meditate daily, detoxify the body, work out regularly to keep energy levels stable, and yes – plan, prioritize, and get better organized.

You’ll also want to try new types of astrology and numerology systems designed to meet the needs of “care” for common issues of the day. The planets allow us to establish “oneness” with them by channeling the positive or negative attributes they rule. The same goes for asteroids and stars as star systems.

We will get away from seeing self in the physical to embrace “soul” in the metaphysical to learn, study, and teach new “standards” in the world as “art” and “art forms”. There is nothing that says you have to do things the same way especially if you can find or tinker a method to do them better!

Chiron is retrograding through Pisces the last zodiac and the 12th House of Secrets. If you’ve been dealing with some resurfacing feelings of “pain” see it as awareness. When a fitness trainer trains an obese person and they feel pain, the trainer keeps them going by helping them to “accept” the pain as “awareness”. It is the body’s way of communicating. In order to heal we have to listen and keep striving to meet ideal weight goals to take the pressure off. When pressure is “removed” there is no longer any pain but a great feeling of achievement, good health, and vitality! You feel renewed.

We have to go through the dark and murky to get to the light and fluffy. This is what the 24th as a “vibration” attracts. So get ready to change, transit, and transform into someone “new”. Expect fresh starts and map ways to start a personal business to support self+family. Focus more on spiritually healing the self into “wholeness”. Try new organic methods to un-do previous damage to the physical and metaphysical body in order to “let go” of old emotions which no longer serve soul-growth. There is a whole new world to re-configure and universe gives you the keys to drive “you” to the finish line of one goal and into the starting line of a newer better one.

We have no idea of how great life can be until we just “let go” and roll with the flow of “life”. This is the beautification and meaning behind Uranus (R) + Chiron (R). Beauty is a process, art, and product of effort. But we must make a whole production of it to see what life has to offer. We must see clearly to remove self-doubt, over-imagination, laziness, procrastination, and any other obstacle standing between “the goal” and us we set before us. Life is a series of “carrots” so follow your rabbits of genius. Put ideas in motion and build the perfect life – stone by stone of personal wisdom.


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