Sun enters Virgo August 23rd and 6th House activities will govern every aspect of life.  We receive new waves of creative “Qi” goddess energy.  We are stronger, smarter, and more alert when we purify the mind, body, and soul – spiritually.  Good health to you!  Now let’s dive in, shall we?  Are you aware of personal strengths?  What are you best at doing?  What are you best at expressing to others as a communicator?  These powers will all be enhanced and “highlighted” when Sun enters Virgo.  Virgo is “The Lady” and one of the only two “human” zodiac symbols.  Gemini is the other.

Gemini rules thinking, analysis of data
Virgo rules thoughts of “doing”, contemplation, analysis of facts

GoVernment as in Self-government is key to developing strengths.  You must know what you are naturally good at and capable of doing to assess whether you can tend, provide, or care for the needs of others.  Let’s face it money is built on awareness of what people need, right? Self-government requires getting to know the Self on a “soul-basis”, all of it.

img_4Figure 4 http://nightlightnews.com/EsotericAstrology/index.html

The new Esoteric Astrology helps us look under the “hood” of our soul to see how “past lifetimes” can change the outcome of near future events.  It’s that extra sumthin sumthin to help you bend the “curve” of time and land the “target” of any goal with precision.  Who doesn’t want to be precise or accurate with aims?  The more you know how to drive a car are you naturally better at “driving it”?


Sun strengthens Pallas, and Mercury in Virgo.  It’s time to listen to the “heart” and feel what is best or worthwhile of your “personal energy”.  What is going to benefit you and the world in the long run?  Employment, which is also ruled and governed by Virgo, will be sharply affected as dinosaur industries “die off”.  There will be a huge global shift to “spiritually based careers”.  So now is the perfect time to get to know more about the “esoteric” of life.  Virgo represents the “esoteric” as Pisces its zodiac opposite represents the “mystic”.  Esoteric reveals “the whole truth” of self because it is analyzing us “soul-deep”.  When you are ready or need to know that’s when revelations come.  You happen across a blog like this one to enlighten and re-direct passions where they feel “strongest”.

img_5Figure 5 http://thinkingfromtheheart.wordpress.com/personal-wisdom-2/

When you think of Virgo – picture famous Virgos like Michael Jackson, Marc Antony, US President Lyndon B. Johnson, Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and one of the world’s richest men – Warren Buffett to name a few.  All of these people have one, big common strength – “love for profession, devotion to artisanship, and only doing projects you feel moved to do”.  Do you fit into any of these categories?  If you do than chances are good you are aware of personal strengths.  You know what you can and accept what you “can’t” do or complete.  This keeps you realistic and it can also keep you “working”.

People love what they can depend on and Virgoan attributes strengthen us during this phase of metaphysical development. We slow down. We take long deeper looks into things and try more self-analysis techniques to “balance” options.

When you want to buy something important don’t you look for quality, care of process, and attention to detail? These are all Virgo traits of “purity, essence, and knowledge” of craft. Artisanship is what will save our world and help us make the shift into new lines of employment whether for self or others.

Yes, it’s time to put that “hustle” towards bigger use as something “commercial” in the world. Going commercial with a business should be done in phases, stages, and steps. Even if you have invented the hottest new invention or idea you must devote time towards “marketing” and getting the world “in” on what you are aware of. This requires a process of “selection”.

When you want to put out your best it requires picking the best materials to “build it” right? You want the purest of everything to make something feel home grown, organic, and made to order. When we personalize and specialize we expand “ideas” and crossover into mainstreams of public awareness. This is how a name becomes a “brand name”, and how a brand name becomes a “household staple” to create franchises and long-term financial luxury. You don’t want this don’t you?

img_6Figure 6 http://meader.org/articles/esoteric-astrology-the-revealer-of-the-souls-intention/

So get started with an Esoteric Astrology report to dig up the deepest secrets about self.  When you do this a light bulb switches “ON” and never turns “OFF”.  You give self the greatest gift of being “prepared” for anything and this personalizes “strength” as a process of care.  When you feel confident to handle “anything” faith is unwavering and you hold the harness to cross any “finish line” we call “goals”.  We have to know the self to survive the “natural process of selection”.  Only the strong will survive what life throws at us as “curves” and surprise events.  This is why you can’t get a better time to unlock “full potential” to escape “fool potential”.

When you know “self” as a whole you select what is naturally best for you and it strengthens what you already feel to be truth about personal strengths.  You create personal wisdom.  Personal Wisdom holds those secret intuitive thoughts that project lasting Good Luck!  Why be famous for 15 minutes when you can be famous for lifetimes through quality work and products?  Even when we pass on our work lives on as “legacy or legacies”.  So get started and make that appointment towards a better future, better you, and better life!


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